Podiatry Factoid

Excessive training, such as running long distances without rest, places repeated stress on the foot and ankle. The result can be stress fractures and muscle/tendon strains.
Glossary - H

Hallux valgus - angulation of the great toe toward the other toes of the foot.

Hallux varus - angulation of the great toe away from the other toes of the foot.

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease - a mild, highly infectious viral disease of children, with vesicular lesions in the mouth and on the hands and feet.

Heel - the hindmost part of the foot; called also calx. By extension, a part comparable to the heel of the foot, or the hindmost portion of an elongate structure.

Hey's amputation - amputation of the foot between the tarsus and metatarsus.

Hindfoot - the posterior portion of the foot, comprising the region of the talus and calcaneus.

Hyperdactyly - the presence of supernumerary digits on the hand or foot.

Hyperkeratosis - an autosomal dominant skin disorder, usually occurring in the third or fourth decade of life, characterized by pink or reddish or yellowish brown hyperkeratotic scaly papules on the lower leg and dorsum of the foot, sometimes involving the trunk, thigh, arm, back and palm of the hand, and sole of the foot.

Hypodactyly - less than the usual number of digits on the hand or foot.